The Daily Habit: Small Changes Yield Big Results - Tackling and conquering realistic goals

01/10/2021 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM CST


Zoom Meeting


Series - Week 2 of 5


Ready to start feeling healthier? Reach your goals by adding healthy habits into your daily routine!

This series will walk you through the process for creating healthy food habits starting from classes on understanding how habits are formed, how to overcome those habits and how to start new ones. This series will also include classes on how to sustain new healthy food habits through consistency and perseverance as well as the power of food substitutions.

Week 2:

  • How to start? Which habits to tackle first?  Initiating change is most difficult step - learn about building confidence through conquering small, realistic goals. How to choose habits to change- focus on passion or ease. Passion will encourage motivation throughout process, whereas easier changes build confidence that can cascade into more successful change!