Monthly Meal Prep & Cooking Demo

06/26/2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST


Fit and Food's Organic Garden
4846 St. Louis Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63115


Join us at our Organic Garden to learn how to transform summer produce into a delicious dish!

During this meal prep and cooking demonstration we will be showcasing ingredients harvested from our organic garden to build a recipe that you can duplicate and home. This demonstration will inspire you to make the most of seasonal ingredients not only for their nutritional value, but also because of how simply they can be prepared to taste fabulous!

Instructor: Tom Clutter
Tom has managed restaurants and catering businesses over the years, using his passion for combining simple, seasonal ingredients to create flavorful, nutrient dense dishes. After experiencing the impact nutrition as made in his own life, Tom is committed to inspiring others by sharing recipes and tips to create healthy meals.